Monday, 2 April 2018

Nigerian Photographer and Designer-Tonydoo Visuals Pictured In a Romantic Mood With President Barrack Obama's Wife - Michelle

If the news reaching us are somewhat solid and verified true, Popular Nigerian Wedding Photographer– Tonydoo Visuals has released a set of new photos to mark Valentine’s Day.

The photographer had initially been linked with Rihanna, but now, is being linked with ex-president Barrack Obama’s wife – Michelle. The couple attract a lot of media attention for being a perfect dreamy couple. No wonder they are like a political force together just the same way she always appears with her ex-president husband.

The Celebrtiy Photographer has been a considerable influence having rumours linking him with Chris Brown’s Ex – Rihanna. In a recent revelation that went viral all over the Nigerian Photography and Romance space, Tonydoo wasn’t done with dating popular American Celebrities (as pictures prove to us), he thought of no one else to approach, other than the wife of POTUS – Barrack Obama
So, let’s have a look at their legendary love and also enjoy the collection of photographs relating to the sudden love story of Michelle and Tonydoo.

See Photos of Tonydoo and Rihanna here >>

Call them ‘the power couple’ or the monarchs of love and romance, the rare picture of Michelle Obama and Celebrity Photographer hugging so close carefully illustrates the existence of true love between the two.
In another picture released almost at the same time, Michelle Obama is seen stepping out with her newly found love while the power couple smiles to the ecstatic audience.
Obama’s newly found husband is seen waving to the public, in a bid to appreciating them for their loyalty over the years.

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