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Urban & Celebrity Photographer - Tonydoo Visuals unleashes His Latest Portfolio

 Sir Shina Peters


 Ali Baba GCFR

Celebrity Photo shoot in Lagos Nigeria

Celebrity Photo shoot in Lagos Nigeria Studio Photography

Why You Should Enrol at a Photography School in Lagos Nigeria | Tonydoo Visuals Photography Academy

Why You Should Enrol at a Photography Training School in Lagos Nigeria | Tonydoo Visuals Photography Academy

At the end of this Photography Training, you would have known how to

1. Take great pictures consistently
- How to shoot portraits

- How to shoot weddings

- How to shoot landscape

- How to shoot fashion

- How to shoot at Concerts

2.Shoot outdoors
3.Set up and shoot in a studio
4. Set up and use an external source of light
5. Edit and retouch your photos
6. Carry out high end Retouching on Images

7. Watermarking your Images
8. How to read lights
9. Understand and choose the best lens to use in every situation
10. Understand how to shoot in low light situations.
11. Understand the business of Photography
12. How to standout in this overcrowded world of photographers as a Nigerian Photographer.

You shouldn't miss this for anything.

Start off a great Career, Join Our Photography Training in Lagos Nigeria.

Venue: Palmgrove, Lagos
Time: 10am to 3pm each day.
Training Fees: 35,000

Class is open to all levels either you  are a Beginner or a Pro. make valuable use of the time available at your disposal. We are eagerly anticipating your coming.
Get in Touch with us.

Call our Lead Photographer/WhatsApp: 08068657557

The Tonydoo Visuals Team.

7 Reasons Why YOU Should Learn Photography in Nigeria | Tonydoo Visuals Photography Academy

Here are my 7 top reasons why YOU should learn photography. So if you’re already learning, this will give you motivation to improve, and if ‘learn photography’ has been on your to-do list for some time, hopefully this article will give you the motivation to do something about it! So here are my 7 reasons why I believe that everyone should learn how to take great photos…..

1. To capture a moment in time
Once you have snapped that moment it is captured forever. These days we take photos for granted, but just think about that for a minute. How amazing is it that you can capture your children doing something wonderful together, and that moment will be seen and enjoyed by your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren. This is one of the main reasons I love photography. Capturing memories to hold on to forever. And sorry to say it, but if you are using a point-and-shoot camera on the automatic setting, you’ve probably realised by now that you’re missing too many of these fantastic moments.

2. To remember what people looked like at a certain time 
If we want to remember what our children looked like when they were babies, the first thing we do is pull out the photo album. And if we’re thinking about someone who has passed away, we look through photos of them. Photographs are the only way we can preserve how people looked at certain times of their lives. But it’s very important that we do print the photos, not just leave them on a hard drive which could fail (but that’s a whole different blog post!)

3. To be creative
So many people who come to my workshops say that they’re not creative people. But once you know how to use your camera and find the right light, you will be amazed at the creative photos you are taking. Yes, some people have more of an eye for photography than others; some things just can’t be taught. But I do believe that ANYONE can learn how to take great photos. And some people who do consider themselves to be creative, lose that side of themselves once they become parents, and learning photography can be a fantastic way to ignite that creative spark again.

4. It will make you appreciate the world around you
I believe that learning photography will make you enjoy life more. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true! Suddenly you’ll notice the beautiful sunbeams coming through the trees, the wonderful catchlights in your son’s eyes, the way the bluebells bring out the colour of your daughter’s eyes. All of this stuff may have passed you by before, but once you learn how to take great photos, you’ll see beauty everywhere.

5. To capture the world the way you see it
There is nothing more frustrating when you want to take a photo of that beautiful lavender field, but you take it and it just looks washed out and rubbish. Or you want to show the world how beautiful your baby is but you just can’t take a decent photo of him. It’s an amazing feeling when you can take photos and they actually show what you see (and often even make it look even better!) And there is nothing more satisfying than when someone says they hate all photos of themselves, but you take one of them and they love it!

6. Photography fits in with your life
It’s very easy to get on with your life and never really take any time out for yourself….to learn new things and be creative. This is especially the case when you have children, it’s tricky to find the time to exercise and see your friends let alone learn a new skill! But photography is a wonderful thing to learn as you can do all of the practising when you are with your friends and family. You can take photos anytime, anywhere and you don’t even need to have your camera on you, iPhones take fantastic photos! These photos below were taken on my iPhone on our camping trip to Featherdown Farms in Devon.

7. And lastly, it’s a skill you can show off easily!
There isn’t much point having an amazing skill if you can’t show people! It today’s digital world, showing our photos has become an everyday thing. Remember those days when you would just show your parents and your best friends your holiday pics? Well now we’re sharing them with hundreds of people on Facebook! So you want to make sure your photos look as good as possible. And you’re just not going to get great results if your just snapping away with a compact camera on auto without knowing anything about light or composition. I’ve never advertised my photography workshops, all of my bookings come through word of mouth and that’s normally due to previous students showing off their new photography skills on Facebook!

If you already have an interest in photography, I hope this blog post has motivated you to pick up your camera and start shooting more, and if you haven’t thought about learning photography before, I hope you now feel inspired to do so!

Contact us at Tonydoo Visuals Studios to start a class in Photography today.
We are available at our Palmgrove Studios and are currently taking new students.
Whatsapp/Call: 08068657557.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

You Will Laugh upon Seeing this Nestle Milo Ad for Nestle Nigeria [PHOTOS] by Tonydoo Visuals

"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.  We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit."

Hilarious! Nairalander Creates Hilarious Disruptive Ad for Nestle Milo Nigeria. This will leave you speechless!

Remember the old age tagline used by Nestle Milo after its advertisement "Nestle Milo...The Food Drink of Future Champions"

Have you ever pondered about what the future champion would have grown into by now after about almost thirty-something years?

This was the rationale behind the design.

I had this deep thoughts about what would have happened to the future chamions by now, especially in this age of Social Media et al.
I then thought that the future champions would have grown after at least some twenty-something years. The future champions would have probably become Models by now, or even Bloggers, Entertainment Celebrities and might have dashed the Milo's hopes of them becoming Footballers, Olympic Gold-Medalists and so on have been dashed.

Some have even gone ahead to contest and slay in the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show and grown to become T-Boss, Bisola, Efe and Co.

With these and many more, we would like to change the tagline of Nestle Milo to the following, replacing the old tagline.

Nestle Milo...the food drink of future slay queens.

Ad Copywright: Tonydoo Visuals
Creative Direction: Olanrewaju ANthony
Graphics Design: Antonio Forbes

Your opinions are welcome.